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Perfect for all your gardening needs, also would make a superb mucking out and stable barrow.

  • Can be used and stored Outdoors
  • Tough and Durable through any weather/terrain
  • High quality plastic to avoid rust and is much lighter
  • Massive capacity to help avoid constant trips back and forth between loads
  • Easy to push and pull loads with our solid handle bar
  • Smooth handling
  • Super easy tipping feature
  • Full Support at the front. 
  • Robust thick plastic 
  • Pneumatic tyres
With the Estate to Garden giant wheelbarrow you will be able to handle twice as much material in one go than you would with a standard garden wheelbarrow. With the solid metal handle you can comfortably move the trailer barrow reducing strain to your hands, arm and back, the height of the barrow also allows you to keep a more upright position reducing risk of injury to your back. Concerned about moving wet material? The plastic polyethylene tray removes all your worries of rusting and when tipping the barrow to empty the load, you will find it will tip to a near vertical position.  This heavy duty wheelbarrow has full support at the front, meaning it can support full weight capacity .

Giant 300 litre 2 wheeled Wheelbarrow

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